Kathleen Nobles resides in Clayton, NC; she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Art and Education at Meredith University, Raleigh,  NC. She specializes in acrylic, watercolor and oil painting using vivid colors. For numerous years, Kathy was an independent designer/illustrator with a wide range of design experience, police composite drawings, political cartoons, brochures, newsletters, fashion illustration and print production. She has taught gifted and talented children by integrating the arts and environment at Meredith University, during their summer program, Johnston Technical College, Cleveland Campus, and Dorothea Dix Hospital, Raleigh, NC where she taught therapeutic art. 

Even though graphic design was gratifying and challenging, in 1995 she made a decision to devote more time to her first love, fine art. 



For me painting is like breathing. As air is necessary to survive, it is necessary for me to create to thrive. 

Although teachers and other artists have influenced me, my work is my own unique voice, and I paint what I feel. Where words fail me, colors and strokes express what I am trying to communicate.

My immediate sources of inspiration are the natural landscapes which take on subtleties of shapes, color and textures that stimulate me. I enjoy exaggerating bold colors, using opaque layers of paint followed by translucent glazes of thinner washes to ensure that my finished pieces have a rich luminous look that takes on a fantasy of color and drama that give my art work their energy and vibrancy. 

My goal is to express how I feel about my subject, not just what is seen.